The Mountain Firefly ™ has taken camp fire starting from a chore to a simple and easy experience. Enjoy the glow of a nice warm fire without worrying about the smoke in your eyes every place you sit. This is a portable fire pit that would be a great addition to your camping list or your back yard fire pit needs. The Mountain Firefly ™ can also be used as a camp stove!

All the benefits and features of the Backyard Firefly ™ but with:

  • Larger wood capacity
  • Cross grate for cooking or keeping fire wood standing upright
  • Top edge has a straight pattern to allow for fry pan cooking
  • Heavier construction


Mountain Firefly

#15001 Mountain Firefly ™

Price:     $129.00

  • Dimesions: 29"H x 15"W x 21"L
  • Carton Size: 8"H x 15"H x 16"L
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Pine Tree Pattern
  • Freight in the Continental US: $25.00
  • Outside of the Continental US please Contact Us
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